Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reunited

Published Date: 29-Jun-2024 | 03:33 PM

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's paths crossed again, this time at his production company. 

Fresh from a solo European vacation, J-Lo was seen entering Artists Equity, the production company co-founded by Affleck and Matt Damon. Rumours of marital woes persist, with the pair reportedly living separately and reflecting on their marriage.

J-Lo, in a red top and sunglasses, drove to Affleck's LA office on Wednesday. According to TMZ, Affleck arrived in a suit, and duffel bag in tow. Interestingly, they arrived separately and Lopez left shortly after. The night before, Affleck was seen leaving the office, wedding ring conspicuously reappearing after an outing with his daughter Violet.

Are they rekindling romance or just managing business? With their $60 million mansion back on the market and J-Lo's recent luxurious European vacation, the question remains: is this a revival of love or a strategic business move?


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